about me

i'm mostly known as izz yusuf, a girl from a small town in kedah, malaysia. i was the girl who has never step a foot outside of malaysia before taking off to america to further my study after spm. it was a scary and exciting journey of self-discovery and soul-searching.

in december 2016, i graduated with a bachelor of science in psychological sciences from purdue university, america. now, i am pursuing my studies in master of science in clinical mental health sciences at university college london, england. [read more about my education journey here].

i'm an avid lover of rain and all things gloomy. i like coffee, sunsets, books, art, videography, deep conversations, and the sea. these are the things that soothe me. i travel occasionally, and i feel a lot more for places that have connections with me. for instance, i traveled for a month in japan because of my love for haruki murakami.  

the sole reason for me to have this blog is to pour my emotions in words. sometimes i feel so much emotions that the only thing that could keep me sane is to write it out here. besides, i love reading my old posts to reminisce on the things i have went through in my life. this is my safe space and it's a place i could stay true to myself.

say hi at izzyusuf@yahoo.com :)