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Used Car Mirrors & Glass Replacement for Sale

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Auto Mirror Replacements for Sale 

Whether you need a used rearview mirror, the passenger side mirror, or any other part you want, you can get it all at a discounted rate at Sturtevant Auto. 

Our inventory of salvage cars and trucks includes 1,000+ vehicles and we're always adding new ones. With the size of our inventory, chances are we have replacement mirrors to fit your vehicle - for a fraction of the cost to get brand new mirrors (which can cost around $250!).

Call us to make sure we have what you need before making the drive out to our salvage yard. Or just stop by and see for yourself. We're located just north of the WI-IL border.

Used Auto Mirror Price: $25 - $50

Cheap Auto Mirror Replacement

There’s nothing worse than driving with one side mirror. So when your mirror gets cracked, damaged, or knocked off by somebody driving recklessly down an already narrow city street, you need to replace it. New car mirrors from a dealership cost a small fortune, even ordering them on Amazon can cost you upwards of $100! Then you have to wait around for shipping and hope that the part fits your make. With shipped car mirrors you risk the chance of glass getting cracked or broken during transportation, then you have to send it back and wait all over again. 

Why go through that when you can go to Sturtevant Auto to get a mirror replacement for as low as $25? Plus, you'll be sure it fits your vehicle, and you'll be able to leave with it right away. Stop in at our Racine auto salvage yard to get the side or rearview mirror you need for less, and get on with life. 

Best prices for OEM car mirrors

Seeking an exact replacement mirror for your 2002 Toyota Camry Solara or 2014 Nissan Versa? No other salvage yard south of Milwaukee boasts as large a collection of junk cars ripe for picking and pulling than Sturtevant Auto. If you’re looking for aftermarket parts on the cheap, you’ll be happy to know our OEM auto parts are the cheapest in the area. 

Used car mirrors by make/model

Replace broken side mirror with used part from salvage yard

Pick and pull used car mirrors from our junkers.

We buy any junk, salvage or used cars in (and out of) the area which means we have an extensive inventory of used auto parts, including used mirrors off:

And more! With a salvage yard as large as ours, you’re bound to find the part you’re looking for. 

Why buy used side view mirrors over new?

When you’re looking for a quick and cheap side mirror replacement, look no further than Sturtevant Auto. We salvage thousands of cars throughout Wisconsin and Illinois to give you optional used car parts that’ll get the job done for half the price of dealerships and chain auto stores. 

Broken side mirrors are especially common if you live in Milwaukee or Waukegan where narrow city streets are everywhere and reckless drivers are on the prowl. If you wake up one morning to a smashed side mirror or no mirror at all, remember that Sturtevant has what you need. 

Cheap side mirror replacement glass

Cheap truck mirror replacements

Sturtevant Auto has vehicle-specific used replacement glass for your car mirrors. When the generic reflective material gets warped or falls off during bad weather, stop in for used side mirror glass replacement.

Your rearview mirror fell off – now what?

Replace that junk with a used rearview mirror and get back to driving safely. When your mirror falls off the joint, it usually means the whole thing needs to be replaced. Does the replacement rearview mirror have to be new? NO. Sturtevant Auto collects thousands of used cars so you can pick which part you need for less.

Used Truck Mirrors

Mirrors don’t have to be cracked or damaged to need replacement; they can also fail mechanically if they are power, folding, or turn signal mirrors. Finding the right used truck mirrors is easy at Sturtevant Auto, our friendly staff is here to assist you whenever you’re ready to start looking.

Contact Wisconsin’s source for used car mirrors, Sturtevant Auto, to get a cheap replacement mirror today!


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Espejos laterales usados por tu coche 

En Wisconsin es ilegal a conducir un vehículo sin espejos laterales. Si los espejos de laterales están dañados, rotos o se han caído es necesario a reemplazarlos. Pero pagar mucho no es necesario. Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard tiene miles de espejos laterales usados.  Los espejos de los camiones son muy importantes para cambiar carriles, salir marcha atrás y para notar los vehículos de emergencia.

Nosotros reciclamos coches usados, compramos autos usados y tenemos una gran selección de piezas de coches especialmente espejos laterales de una gran variedad de modelos y marcas de coches populares. 

Encuentra los espejos laterales perfectas para tu coche en Sturtevant Auto, la fuente mejor para espejos laterales usados en Wisconsin

Massive Inventory

Sturtevant Auto has an incredible selection of used auto parts.
Call 262-835-2300 to have one of our friendly associates find your part in our computerized inventory.

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