Monday, 31 December 2018

thank you 2018

after months of not being able to write, today, i want to write this post to thank these beautiful souls who have helped me survived the year. to be frankly honest, 2018 was the most painfully difficult year for me by far; emotionally, mentally, spiritually. i wouldn't be here if it's not because of their love and support, so here goes --

[ shahirah hasbullah ]
for being the most important person in my life this year, thank you.

[ syafiqah nadiah ]
for never getting tired of me since 2008, thank you.

[ haziera sabri ]
for being someone i can always count on, thank you.

[ eizzati amin ]
for the constant laughter and love, thank you.

[ puteri ezzaty ]
for being my pillar of support at work (and outside), thank you.

[ nina rosli ]
for being there when i need you, thank you.

[ iqa pauzy ]
for reminding me how a good friendship could last, thank you.

[ maisarah jamaluddin ]
for always helping me work through my emotions, thank you.

[ diyana syaza ]
for introducing me to arts and for the months of sharing a single bed, thank you.

[ farahain fuad ]
for being a big sister to me, thank you.

[ sarah rahman]
for being another big sister to me, thank you.

[ azam malek ]
for taking good care of me and entertaining me, thank you.

 [  qaisy jaslenda ]
for being a constant inspiration, thank you.

[ esha hashim ]
for being someone i can look up to, thank you.

[ fariz azahar ]
for giving me reasons to laugh, thank you.

[ jimmy ]
for always being a good company, thank you.

[ anis amirah ]
for being so incredibly kind to me, thank you.

[ dania ]
for the fun nights out, thank you.

[ wei hun ]
for being someone i can always talk to, thank you.

[ atira ariffyn ]
for being so kind to me, thank you.

[ qyira yusri ]
for letting me stay at your place, thank you.

[ aisyah bazuki ]
for always having my back, thank you.

[ arif isa ]
for making me want to be as carefree, thank you.

[ aisyah shakirah ]
for not making me feel alone, thank you.

[ qiden ]
for understanding my pain, thank you.

[ hafiedz ashraf ]
for checking up on me, thank you.

[ salman sazli ]
for remembering what i love, thank you.

[ faizal ghazaly ]
for comforting me when i was scared after doing lasik, thank you.

[ aiman hakim aznan ]
for being so kind, respectful, and understanding, thank you.

[ maria giorgalli ]
for being one of my bestest friends in london, thank you.

[ daphne catsamba ]
for being such a beautiful soul, thank you.

[ shikha soni ]
for the good conversations, thank you.

[ akvile ]
for your poise and gentleness, thank you.

[ luqman hakim ]
for always helping me when i need help, thank you.

and for every single soul i've met this year, thank you. whatever we had, good or bad, i accept it, i will learn from it, and i would like to thank you for the lessons.

i don't have big goals for 2019. i just want to be happy being on my own, doing what i love, with people i care about. that's all i want. that's all i'm asking for. 

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