Wednesday, 21 March 2018

i think people who read this blog are aware of how i have came to terms with my writing style; i mostly write when i am drowned in melancholic feelings and emotions. i know, i am a sad person. during some fragile, fleeting moments i’d get the opportunity to feel happy. but happiness, as we all must already know, are mainly temporary.

february was one of the hardest months i’ve ever lived. i never thought my tears could flow continuously for more than 24 hours but that one fateful day, i learned that i underestimated my limit. it’s been forever since i felt that heavy, lethal sadness in me. i wanted to write about it so badly.

i remember just crying on my bed with the urge to write but in all honesty i know i wouldn’t be able to even write a coherent sentence. it was a feeling too suffocating that its only place to live was only in my heart. i told you, i now have a hole in my heart because of that. how could i write about pieces i have lost? i have no power.

i can feel my 2018 is going downhill and i feel like everything’s beyond my control. god, do you hear me? i am asking for help. please. help me.

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