Sunday, 24 September 2017

how i spent 3 days in nice, france

spent 3 days in nice, france with short day trips to cannes and monte carlo. it was lovely :)

as the second most visited city in france, nice was busy and packed with people, but not annoyingly. i felt calmed and paced walking around the city at my own pace, doing my own thing. nice is busy in a way that i feel like everyone who goes there really just wanna chill, enjoy the sun and the magnificent view. it's beautiful.

i loved the city, as if being the first european city i ever visited is not enough a reason. i was nervous about starting school and adapting to this new life in london, but going to nice kind of diminished all those emotions away while i was there. it calmed me down. as if when i looked at the ocean, the birds flying, the horizon that looks like it goes on forever, the calm but unstoppable waves, i think they washed away my fears. it was soothing to my soul.

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