Sunday, 17 September 2017

first seven days in london

me recovering from my vomit incident @ hyde park

hello. been planning to write since the day i arrived but i got lazy... but as today marks the seventh day since i came, i thought it'd be nice to write about how my first week in london went! ~

my flight to london was on sunday, sept 9 at 11.15pm. only my dad and my brother sent me to the airport because my sister in law's taking care of her sick kids and my mom was taking care of my sister who just got out of a surgery. basically, lots of my family members weren't physically well at that time, including me. i wasn't feeling well that day too bcs i think i got infected from my brother's kids who got sick and kept vomiting at home.

i remember having ziera and lowkey accompanying me at the airport after my family left, and they were so pissed at me because i didn't have any appetite to eat haha. i mean what can i do guys?!! i don't want to eat because i know there's a high chance i would vomit in the plane :( which turned out to be damn true! it was already half the journey and i think i was asleep but suddenly i woke up to myself puking like crazy in my seat?!!??!!!!! omg i don't even wanna talk about it in details. it was super gross. i'm so grateful the guy who sat beside me was really nice for helping out and the flight attendants were also helpful. i arrived at heathrow airport looking like an absolute shit and smelling like puke but i got my luggages and went straight to change my clothes. thank god, no more smell of vomit.

sheera was so kind to pick me up at the airport that early in the morning (it was 6am!!!) and she helped me buy the oyster card and kinda showed me how to use the underground tube. we took the train that went straight to kings cross because my house was just nearby and guess what, we saw that there was soooo little queue at harry potter's platform 9 3/4 spot! didn't mind our luggages and just went straight to take a picture there with our tak mandi face hahaha oh and did i tell you i've never met sheera before? we only know each other because we read each other's blogs <3 glad to take that online friendship to the real world :)

behind the scene for a perfect picture lol (not putting my pic here, it was fugly)

and after all that random photoshoot shenanigans, we took the bus to my flat where i was supposed to get the keys from my landlord. everything went well there :) soon after, farah arrived and we all went out to Bayswater to get myself a new UK number and other necessities. at the phone number store, the guy who was attending to us suddenly said to me, "are you someone famous from instagram?". i was so shookth guys like what!!! haha apparently he mistook me to a famous hijabi makeup artist somewhere. but hey he gave me a discount so that's nice :p spent the rest of the days buying stuff and then farah left to meet another friend, and sheera and i walked around hyde park. it was painfully cold as i wasn't ready for the weather but it was nice regardless. that was how my first day went.

sheera and farah in my room! <3

the upcoming days was a bit hard and lonely because both farah and sheera have started their classes already and i really don't know anyone else in london, or in the uk for that matter. also, my housemates haven't arrived yet so i gotta get used to do everything on my own. i just spent my days walking around london, visiting free museums and galleries, going to oxford street and more walking aimlessly around the city. it was nice-- i like that i get to do everything at my own pace but hey, in this city so big where everyone's busy hustling, it can get really lonely.

i think the fourth day i was alone here was when i broke down, crying. everything was a bit too overwhelming for me to inhale. i was alone and had no one to talk to, nor to go to. there are of course people i could call but they're all in different continents, different time zones, and so everything's a little bit more complicated that it is. it was a really bad day for me, that fourth day. i probably spent quite a few hours just staring at the ceiling and cried. that's how bad it was. even for myself who's not a family person and who's kinda used to do things alone and travel on my own, moving to a new country where you basically know a small number of people can be really hard. it's a totally new environment, a new life. really.

at that point, i realized how important it is to have a strong support system, even if it's just virtually. i am so glad i have people i could call to just cry my heart out and i know that they would just listen to me, and comfort me. there's no judgment. i keep telling myself that it's okay for me to feel that way, i am still adapting to this new place. i need time to truly adapt, and feel belong.

fifth day, hana finally arrived and i was happy to have her around. we spent the day going out and walking around oxford street and then meeting farah at shepherds bush. it was such a nice day but unfortunately i got a little bit of headache because i sat at the wrong spot in the bus sobs. after we got home that night, i took my meds and decided to spend the next day resting at home. so sixth day was basically just me being comfy under my duvet and telling myself that it's okay to want to spend time at home too.

and today, which is the seventh day, i went out with sheera to columbia flower market and brought hana along :) i bought two plants, they're so cuteee and i'm giving a name to each of them! hehe. after that we became a bit touristy and went to visit the big ben, and of course, took a shit ton of pictures. had a nice indian lunch nearby kings cross after, and parted our ways home. it was a nice day too.

now here i am, snuggled under my duvet and writing this down so i would remember my days in london. it's just going to be one year, so i really want to remember everything. i really want my future self to remember how i feel about first coming here. i want to remember that i broke down, i cried, i felt like things were hard (they still are), and i just want my future self to see that i am capable to grow. i can grow out of this. i can make sure that i will make good use of my time here in london. and i want myself, and anyone else who is still adapting to a new place to know that it's okay to take time. i can do this. we can do this!

me @ columbia road flower market

sheera, my internet friend

me and hana @ big ben (this is a good spot for pic but istg it stinks)

me @ random people's house

my two baby plants! the right one's name is nice and the left one is monaco.

yassss, naming my plants after the first two places i'll be making a trip to from london. so excited! until then, hoping that i'll adapt well and be alright. godspeed. 

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