Monday, 17 July 2017

first dance

not a long time ago, she told him, 'i really wanna dance with you. not the crazy-fun-jumping-around kind of dance. but the slow kind. the one where i can just cling on to you. my hands wrapped around your neck, and your big hands placed just right around my waist. our bodies, tight, against each other. our bodies moving according to the rhythm. synchronized, slow dance. our favorite songs on speaker.  just us, in the moment. how vivid and beautiful'

thus she made a list of songs she could dance to with him, if that day ever comes. but when it suddenly did, she was flustered. nervous, excited, a plethora of emotions suffocated her at once. she trusted her guts and chose three songs, randomly. they just came into her mind. and she just realized that they were perfect. absolutely perfect for the first dance.


  1. hi izz, i extremely love this ! u wrote it by urself? if so, can i repost this on mine and credit this to u?

    1. Hey! Yeah I wrote it myself. Sure thing:) Thanks so much <3

    2. youre so good with stuff like this. tq so much love ! <3