Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Qyira and I had to make reservations for a few restaurants that we’re going to in the north this weekend for our social events with fellows and alumni. Izz? Social events??? I know right.

Anyways, when it came to calling the second restaurant, qyira asked me to speak with them because it’s going to be in malay and apparently, her Bahasa is even worse than mine. So, I did. I called the restaurant and a guy answered.

“Um, assalamualaikum.”


“Saya nak buat reservation untuk hari isnin next week, 4pm boleh?”

“Oh boleh boleh. Tak sekali dengan makanan kan?”

“Oh yup tak. Reserve space je for now. Untuk 15 orang.”

“Okay. Nama awak?”

“Er, qyira.” (because I was calling from her phone)


“Tak. QYIRA. Q-Y-I-R-A”


(I spelled it for him again but he never got it sigh)

“Ok takpelah tak jadi. Saya tukar nama ok. Nama saya Izz”

He laughed so hard… but still didn’t get my name. Qyira forced me to tell him my name is Izzati. And so I did.

“Ahh Izzati. Tukar guna nama kawan ke? Ahahaha”

Bro it ain’t funny. I’m so tired spelling out alphabets for you ok.

“Reservation under company Teach For Malaysia ya”

“Oh nanti dari mana?”

“Umm, KL” ???

“Oh so bukan orang sini ke?”

“Aah tak…. Dah confirm kan semua?”

I ended the call soon after and then qyira told me that Izzati is really her name too. 
Nur Qyira Izzati. So now we’re fighting who’s gonna be the ‘izzati’ who called the restaurant when we go there this Monday. I hope that guy won’t be there. Lol

*I openly admit that I am procrastinating from work by writing my blogpost now*

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