Thursday, 20 April 2017

too happy???

I was on the train for 10 minutes already when I realized I needed to write lol. I woke up in such a good mood today. It was a very cheerful day in the office. But whenever I feel like things are going well, the anxiety starts biting my insides. 

"Something bad is going to happen soon." 

"You can't be this happy, it's weird."

Nothing bad happened by the way. I was annoyed about some stuff regarding things I have to do this weekend but I won't let it destroy my day. By 5pm I was already too tired to do work, or too lazy. We all just sat around in the pantry and played with the Storm Troopers mask and machine gun. Ken is an avid collector. The freaking gun costed him 300 bucks... but hey, as long as you're happy haha

I also did some research for my work trip up to the north on the labor day weekend. Labor day also got work loh. Thank god it involves traveling. Almost everyone in the office is going to watch the MUD theater tonight but sadly I can't join them.

I went back with Mark and saw some white chicks sitting near the masjid jamek station with a cardboard saying they need money for tickets. Mark started rambling in Malay and it just sounded too cute that I had to stop him and say, "i can't take you seriously when you speak malay." Things can be so easy for some people yeah. But hey, I'll try to put my judgement away. Maybe it's their last resort. Who knows. 

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