Wednesday, 26 April 2017

third person

She told me she’s never felt that way before. She’s never been truly, madly, deeply in love with someone. But he changed everything. He made flowers bloom in her heart and even in her eyes. He made her heart beats with a new rhythm she never had before. He made her feel brand new. You can see how her eyes beam with glittery sparkles when she speaks of him. Even I saw it, when she spoke to me.


Jealousy. She has no definite term to depict how she feels about this emotion. Sometimes it’s exultingly beautiful when she grasped that feeling jealous reminds her of how much she genuinely feels for that someone. But most of the times jealousy drowns and chokes her in an abyss of self-loathe for it reminds her that she is being possessive over someone, and she hates it. So she hates herself.

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