Tuesday, 25 April 2017

the new beauty blender

It's so important to force yourself to believe that you're gonna have a great day when you wake up. Force it, do it till you make it. And that's how my day went unbelievably well despite me being so demotivated to start the week after the long weekend.

Highlights of today was probably when qyira and I circulated the stupid video of the white girl who used her boyfriend's b*lls as her beauty blender amongst the interns. It was hilarious. Qyira's manager also joined in the conversation because he kept hearing us said the word 'disgusting' lol. I laughed so much. This kinda of joke is my forte guys. I'm not weird like Aniq. He laughs at such odd, unfunny things.. But he bought me lunch today so I gotta be nice. Oh!!! Tessa, Carmen, and I have also decided to start eating healthy starting today. Sooo fun to do it with friends.

Somehow I started feeling motivated again. Idk guys. It's a roller coaster. I'm not sure if rejections should make me think that maybe it's not meant for me and I should let go of it, or if they should make me go out of my ways again, do everything I could to get it. I really don't know:( I don't know where should I draw the line. I'm just doing what I can right now, and what I feel right. I just hope I won't have any regrets when I look back to this.

I somehow decided it's time to do a proper branding of the one thing I started a few years back. I reached out to Q for help and would love to hear what he has to say about things because he's so successful. We'll do it over coffee soon and I really look forward to that. I believe it'll be a good conversation regardless.

I'm almost finished with 13 reasons why btw. Not sure if I'm ready but as per se, everything comes to an end. That includes our lives. Death is definite.

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