Tuesday, 18 April 2017

the girl on the LRT

hahaha god that's such a catchy title. i'm proud of myself.

anyways, i missed writing. i miss my blog, my safe emotional space. it's been a while since i last wrote. and sigh, it's been almost 4 months since i graduated. sometimes i feel like time is going incredibly slow; waiting for my loved ones to come back this summer feel so long still. but for other matters, time flies by insanely fast. it's crazy.

graduating sometimes make me feel like i'm losing myself. i lost the identity i'd always been associated with since i was 5 years old; a student. but in a way it also reminds me that learning can happen beyond the traditional education institutions, which makes me feel alright again. maybe. the thing is, gotta always pick yourself back up izz.

quick updates on my 2017 so far for my old soul to read 30 years from now:

january - you spent most of your time bidding farewells to your life in west lafayette, indiana

february - you spent most of your time meeting loved ones back home after 3 years, you shed lots of tears in the process of applying for agong's scholarship, you applied for internships, you got sick and vomited any sort of food you consumed

march - spent your march in japan. it was lovely. you applied for khazanah. you cancelled the trip to hong kong. you still wonder if that's the right decision.

april - you started your internship. you received some good news. you received bad ones soon after. you studied hard. you cried so much. you did some of your bad habits again. april isn't over but you're picking yourself back up. you say to yourself over and over again that everything will be okay.

well, back to my post title. i've decided to write a blogpost every single day during my 20 minutes ride on the LRT to go back home. when you start working, being in the office most of your time from morning til the sun is about to set, it's easy to lose yourself too. so this is how i wanna try to remember. i'll write.


  1. Whatever the good news is, congratulations! And whatever the bad ones are, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you get over them soon.
    Can't have the rainbow without any rain.
    Also, YAYYYYYYYY can't wait to wake up every day to your posts!!! Heheheheh

    1. thank you sheera for your being such a constant support. i'll buy you nasi kerabu when you come back. pinky promise!