Wednesday, 19 April 2017


I don't have 20 minutes today. Going straight to dinner after work. But I'll write still. Gosh, honestly guys I feel like sunsets in KL are the most beautiful. Really.

But I realized it's maybe because I always go back around this time hence I have time to appreciate the sunset during weekdays. On weekends, I like to sit at the balcony enjoying the view of KL, and the sunset. Magnificent view. Same ol' buildings and noises. But damn, still makes me view it as different kinds of beautiful each time.

Work was alright today by the way. I sat in a meeting for one of my projects and listened to my Manager talked, and Managers from other departments discussed about things. Brilliant people. I like how critical they are. But I also realized that simple things can get so complicated when there's bureaucracy. But that's just how things are most of the time. And that's okay too, I'm learning something here.

Anyways, got here at Sunway Putra Mall already. Gonna meet ziera for dinner. I had nasi kerabu again for lunch btw. It's so damn good. Oh, my current favorite song now is Lights Down Low hehe. It's been a great day so far:) Talk tomorrow.


  1. All part of learning in a workplace environment i suppose ;)

    1. yea :) now when will i get to read more of the stuff you write haha