Friday, 21 April 2017

overdue post for april 21

I'm so lazy to write today. I should be overflowing with energy and excitement to enjoy a 3-days weekend I'll be having but yeah guys, welcome to my life. 

All I have in my mind right now is I want to buy the delicious rm2 keropok lekor near my condo then go straight home and binge watch america's next top model. Why do I even watch this kind of shows, I know.

My friends and I have agreed that usually we just want to watch silly stuff after work. My Director even confessed that she used to binge watch Akademi Fantasia for all the stupid drama happening. Lol  

Oh I gotta put it down that today we had lunch with TFM's co-founder or basically our Big Boss; Dzam. He gave us money to tapau food at the bazaar (which only happens on Fridays) and we spent so much. All of us ate together at the pantry, it was fun. Andddd, my work trip to the north will include him as well. I get a little bit nervous being with these huge, influential people sometimes guys. Dzam was just appointed as the Youth Ambassador for the National Transformation 2050 under KJ. How amazing. But yeah, I'll learn and survive. Let's focus on that.

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