Wednesday, 26 April 2017

divinity over kitkat cornetto

I was waiting for the elevator for 5 minutes but each one that came down was full. Each time the elevator opened its doors I had to deal with those sorry-you're-too-big-to-cram-in stares. Mark came out soon after, pressed the button, and boom! Of course an empty elevator came down for us. What kind of black magic, smh.

We walked down together, crossed the road aimlessly wishing we wouldn't be hit when we saw this little boy walking so cheerfully licking his chocolate ice cream. I stared at Mark. He stared at me. We understood each other; walked straight to the convenience store and got ourselves a kitkat cornetto for each.

We stood in front of the mamak place and just started enjoying our melting happiness because we couldn't take this on the train. Our conversations were on why McDonald's chocotop price is so much cheaper than the chocolate sundae when they're basically the same thing until I asked him one question.

'When you've tried everything you could to get that one thing you really want but all you got are rejections, do you believe it when people say there's something better planned for you?'

So there we talked, with countless people walking around us rushing to go home. I kinda feel like time stopped when you're in such a good conversation.

God is the best planner; that's what most people believe. That's what most people believe to comfort themselves. But where should we draw the line? In believing that we should give up one thing because God has a better plan, and in putting up a harder fight for it because it may be a test from God and He wanna see how much effort we will put on it.

It's an open discussion; there's no conclusion drawn.

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