Thursday, 9 February 2017

lets talk about love

Tell me what does love feel like?

She lets out a sigh, looking at the ticking clock as if she has something important to do. She does. Tick tick.. 8.00 am. Her heart screams joy. She climbs the stairs to her room and locks the door, making sure no one will disturb her from these moments she awaits unwearyingly each day. She dials the number on her phone and waits for the person to pick up, as always.

‘Good morning’, a husky, sleepy voice utters those words which melt her heart. She closes her eyes as she listens to the melodious sound of his voice, wondering how much more can he make her feel. This is too much for her heart to feel. Is she capable for more, she does not know her capacity.

She lets out a sigh, knowing that even if this kills, she wants more of him. She craves it. Embracing her storming emotions, she finally let her lips move to utter his name. That’s all she needs. Is this what love feels like. It is not a question.

Fiction or non fiction. You decide.

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