Thursday, 10 November 2016


i just finished working when i went outside and saw how beautiful it was. a clear sky covered in perfect blue, it reminded me of this sight being his favorite. the strong breeze gently caressed my skin, but the cold it brought to me was compensated by the glaring heat from the sun. i walked home with 'to build a home' blasting in my ears, on repeat. it was splendid.

and i'd usually feel the urge to write whenever i'm immersed in my emotions. today, surprisingly, good emotions in me evoked the urge to write. i asked him to give me a word. 'pandas', he said. oh well, i've actually never write about animals. but i'd take it.

so, pandas.

blacks and whites. big, round pairs of black eyes. putting it that way, it sounds like a human's characteristics as well.

but let's focus on blacks and whites. the classics. people say pictures in b&w capture the souls. but whenever i see you in b&w, why does endless void become the only thing i see. deep, in the abyss, you're hiding.

and that pair of black eyes. you see, they say the eyes are the window to your soul. but how heartbreaking, every time i look into your eyes, my reflection is the only thing i see. why don't you wanna let me in?

pandas. they're endangered.
our feelings, are they the same as well?

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