Monday, 17 October 2016

how does one write about oneself? i can certainly not figure that out, truthfully. i have my fair share of writing personal statements when i was applying to oodles of universities for undergraduate studies about three years ago. thinking back, it doesn’t seem that challenging when i did it before. i am back to square one. funny, when i think about it. the 18-year-old me had so much to boast about to those universities. now i only have one application for the one and only university i have been eyeing since forever, and not even a streak of thought or idea or even a word came out when i tried to draft my personal statement. i can write this post alright, however. i thought over the years, i’d know better what to write about myself. no, i thought i would know myself better at this time. but regrettably, life isn’t always what we expect it to be. or at least, in the context of izz yusuf’s life, it never works that way. but anyways. it’s been bugging me tremendously, and i am devastated at the thought that i do not have anything momentous to write about myself. amongst more qualified people who applied, my application would perhaps be the one they forget just fell off the table and it would stay right there on the floor, under the shadow, forever

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