Friday, 21 October 2016

5 tahun 5 bulan

5 tahun 5 bulan (english translation: 5 years 5 months)

how do i even begin? i volunteered at the west lafayette public library’s book sale yesterday. after arranging the stuff in the basement, i was walking joyfully through the aisles of piling books, appreciating that i was surrounded by myriad of realities from the worlds that exist in those books. 

suddenly my eyes caught on something so familiar and so dear to me. my steps came to a complete stop and reflexively, my body started to move, shifting my view closer to the thing that grabbed my attention and the little strings in my heart. its blue cover, the big written words on the front page, the name of the author. they all brought back heaps of memories. i read the title, over and over again.

5 tahun 5 bulan

is this a dream?

how could this ancient malay novel be here? that’s a hyperbole. but seriously, how could this one malay novel be here amongst all the other english books? it looked so lost, yet so spellbinding that it seized my attention from afar. the book and i, we were fated to meet. serendipitous.

i still remember once in a while i would cry my heart out to nad, telling her how much i missed reading malay novels. especially hlovate’s. but yesterday, as if the universe had planned this spectacular thing for me, i spotted 5 tahun 5 bulan amongst those mountains high of books. magical.

it makes me wonder, why, among all hlovate’s novels, 5 tahun 5 bulan was the one that the universe wanted me to stumble upon. it’s destined to tell me something. i don’t know what is it. but since i am reading the novel again, i am going to find out.

oh, my feels. i couldn’t even begin to put into words how i feel about this book. the thing is, they’re somewhat unfathomable, my emotions. but when i saw the book yesterday, i felt insanely happy. blithe. i felt as if i found a piece of myself, looking at that book. i would say hlovate’s novels skyrocketed my reading activities when i was young, which now has become something that is engraved deep in my soul. reading, that is.

i remember staying up in boarding school to study read novels. i would borrow novels from my friends, or i would wait, for months if i have to, just so i could experience immersing myself in the veracities within the books. even if it’s lights off time, i would open the door of my room so the dim streaks of light from the corridor could seep in. in class, i would sit at the far back seat and get sunk in a whole new world. the book’s. it’s amazing, really. thinking back of the things i would sacrifice in high school just so i could read one more page of any book.

5 tahun 5 bulan.

hlovate’s has always inspired me, least to say. when i was still a kid, her writings opened me up to the realities of studying abroad, being a rebellious teenager, trying to find oneself, trying to find light, be closer to god. years have passed and i have as well noticed how her laid-back writing has started to diverge more to spiritual, but still keeping close its laid-back sentiments. isn’t it amazing? it’s like i was with her along the way on her journey towards betterment.

5 tahun 5 bulan.

you and i, there lies something in between


  1. What happened to your finger Izzy?! Hahah sorry I'm a med student so I notice this kind of thing straight away.
    Ahhh I used to read Malay novels too!! But not Hlovate's works though, I was more of an Alaf 21 girl. And then I just... stopped reading Malay novels :/

    1. i cut myself at work!! it's not that bad, don't worry. hehe i read all kinds of malay novels, sheera! but hlovate's gotta be my most favorite. you should definitely read hers! btw i hope you're having fun working in the hospital <3