Tuesday, 12 July 2016

where are you?

entry 1

i'm leaving indiana to search for rain, but it suddenly rained when i was about to leave. how ironic.

the flight took off at sunset. i was seated at the window seat, i was lucky. i stared at the sunset through the window, covered with droplets of rain. that was one of the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen. i couldn't even describe it; orange-ish and pink-ish sky both at the same time. mixed feelings. why does being at airports always make me want to cry?

the flight attendants were funny, they kept cracking jokes every time they announced something. i guess they knew i was feeling sappy.

"...put on the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put it on your child. if you have many children, put it on the one with the most potential first and go down the list. the genes must be passed on."

the whole cabin was filled with laughter. i smiled with tears in my eyes.

we were in the clouds now when i realized that it was so surreal, even the clouds were orange in color. i've taken a lot of flights but never been in something like this before.

"i'm up in the sky now. people always look up when they pray, as if You are up there. are You there?"

"am i closer to you now, God?"

dammit, i cursed at myself for being so emotional. i kept looking outside the window, trying to search for you.

"i know you're everywhere, God. please help me feel closer to you. soften my heart."

july 12, 2016 [9.29PM]


  1. thanks, sheera. you're everyone's cheerleader! the best kind ♥️