Wednesday, 20 July 2016

i should have kissed her

i couldn't forget it, forget him. that day i was on the bus, making my way from portland to seattle. him, that guy, was sitting at the seat right across mine. i remember he was tall, with long muddled brown hair, and beard covered the lower part of his face. i silently thought that he might be a musician, or an artist nonetheless. he had those kinda vibes. artistic. 

our driver stopped at the gas station for a break, but we both remained seated in our seats. i was just busy blasting some emo music in my ears. i wrote about it, i was emo that day. i realized i would miss portland so much my heart ached in pain. my eyes were overly stubborn that day, they did not want to fall asleep. while everyone else was fast asleep, i saw he took out his notebook, gazed outside the window for a few good moments, and started to let the ink from the pen wet the pages of his notebook, the realities of his thoughts. his sentiments.

he is a writer? i was thrilled. too curious, i kept looking at his hands moving along every line on the page when i saw he penned "i should have kissed her..."

don't tell me. i gasped as if my heart was crushed. it was not even my story but i could feel the pain. that sentence was crammed with qualms of regrets, disappointments, and sorrow. the regrets of a lover. 

the bus began to move again, and so he kept his notebook back in his bag pack. i saw him moved his face towards the window and tossed his view outside, looking beyond the horizon. i wonder, if he was still thinking of her. 

july 20, 2016 [1732] seattle, wa

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  1. Izzy!! I was talking to my best friend Keyla and she told me that she met you dkt Seattle!! Keciknya duniaaaa