Monday, 6 June 2016


i said that to myself over and over again when i remembered the "road to self-discovery" post. the first day of my travel, i did so many silly mistakes that it's even impossible for me to embrace them!!! i am not that kind of person who makes those kinds of mistakes, hence i still couldn't comprehend how it happened until now. i will not write about it here because it's just extremely embarrassing. but i will never forget the journey i had to go through to arrive in Peru. i'm grateful for meeting a lot of very kind people who have helped me since the first moment i messed up, especially the American Airlines agents in Chicago O'Hare airport, Orlando airport, Lima airport, and their customer service representatives. i don't think i would be here now if it wasn't because of them. still i have this feeling that these things occurred just because i wrote that road to self-discovery post. hahahah damn it!

so yesterday i posted a video of me conversing in spanish with my driver, which many commented that i speak it really fluently. I DO NOT?!! hahahha it sounds fluent to those who don't understand the language i guess. i can understand people speaking in spanish quite well, and i can write and read articles in spanish quite well too. but i made a lot of grammatical errors when i speak in spanish!! as long as people understand what i'm saying then that's good! lol besides the crazy streets, i love the fact that we can exchange currency just by the street, and it's legal to do so! i think it's really convenient.

it's 6.11pm here now, i went out for a bit earlier and now i'm back in my hotel room. i just wanted to say that the environment in the city of miraflores reminds me of kuala lumpur so much. but people here drive like they're drunk! super crazy!! gotta look out to your left and right thousand times before you cross the street! haha but the weather is soooo nice here since it's winter. i love it, i love the environment!! i love the people as well, they're all really friendly. tbh, i have not seen any other person wearing a hijab at all ever since i arrived here. my coordinator from a local university here said they don't have any malaysian students here either. i could probably be the first person who wears hijab that some of the locals here have ever encountered. hehe

peru, i cannot wait to explore you! till then <3

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