Friday, 3 June 2016

road to self-discovery

tomorrow's a big day for me, and i'm freaking out of course. i will spend the next 30 days in a place i've never thought i'll step a foot on. but it's happening, and it's happening tomorrow. oh my.

i'll be doing a lot of things for the first time tomorrow, and as much as i dread going through this alone, i want to do it. i want to do each one of them and embrace all the missteps i'll possibly make. i want to be able to comprehend how i would learn from these new experiences. i want to see myself grow from all those instances of being paranoid, or overconfident, or being lost. god, i think i've grown so much already this year. no kidding. hence, i cannot wait to see how this new journey would shape me. doing new things will always scare us, no? especially since we are women. but there's always a first time for everything. it's damn cliché, but it's damn true as well.

so if you have anything that you wanted to do but still for some reasons you still haven't done it, i hope you'll find the audacity to overcome your fear. most notably, surround yourself with positive people who'd always support and encourage you no matter what. i loathe the fact that some people say things to make us feel down or incompetent. that's why it's critical to know which friends will push you forward and which ones will push you backward. no room for negativity pls. cheers!

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