Sunday, 19 June 2016

my whys

i traveled a thousand miles away to indiana, united states to get my degree but also for the sake of discovering who i am. about two years later, i traveled to lima, peru for the sake of discovering who i really am again. who am i? what is me? sigh, these never-ending questions.

when i travel, i learn more things about myself, which is good, but it also makes me more confused. why are there too many aspects of my own self? most importantly, why am i making it hard for myself to embrace them all? why do i have to question every single thing? why am i so unsure about my own self? why can't i just settle down? why can't i follow the flow? why can't i just stop worrying?

see there, i have so many whys and i'm not even finished.


i envy you people, you guys are living a good life. 

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