Friday, 6 May 2016


i'm taking the psychology of consciousness class this semester, which i just took the final exam for it this morning at 8am. i crammed everything last night, staying up with legit no sleep at all with andrew and mai at the library. we had to memorize the brain parts and all those ornate things but the finals did not do us good :( it was really hard. i studied a lot for that class and i still thought it was difficult. in fact, i actually left one essay question... ha ha.

ok so what i was gonna say is that in that class, we learned about dreams. according to freud, the functions of dreaming include protecting our sleep and also satisfying our repressed wishes. for instance, maybe you feel thirsty before going to sleep but you just sleep anyway, then you dream of drinking water in your sleep. see how it translates to how the dream is actually guarding you from being awaken from that sleep by displaying that your wish to drink has been fulfilled? kinda makes sense, kinda doesn't, right?

but after we've trashed our exam just now, with bloodshot eyes, we walked home with flashes of beds and pillows in our minds. so freaking sleepy. i kinda wanted to do something before i sleep but since i was awfully heavy-eyed, i dozed off right away! then, i dreamed of doing that thing that i wanted to do in my sleep!!! how interesting. now i kinda understand why freud thought so. hahaha do i sound like a nerd ok bye

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