Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10 things i hate about you

10 things i hate about you


i hate that you came into my life when i was already 13 years old. i wish you've came into my life sooner, heck, i wish you were born right beside me on october 14. bitch please, may 10 is lame and makes you older earlier. i don't mind having to embarrass myself once again on our first meeting if that means i'd get to have a friend as amazing as you.


i hate that you're always persistently secretive. sometimes i really wondered if you had another bestfriend whom i didn't even know and you spilled all your worries to her instead of me. *possessive bff alert* but i'm glad you're opening up to me a lot now (after i tirelessly probe you ofc). it's your nature being that secretive, thus i understand. but pls know that i'm always here to listen to you.


i hate that you’re constantly far away from me now. when was the last time we even met? about two years ago? :/ sometimes i’m always nervous to meet friends whom i’ve never met for so long. but i’ve never ever felt that way with you.


i hate that you make me depend on you a hell lot. you were with me at all times of hardship and ease that i don’t even know how i can survive without you in my life anymore. do you remember those times when i was scared to even go to the toilet alone? do you remember when i was literally loathing my own birthday? you stuck with me through all those times.


i hate that sometimes you feel like your existence doesn’t mean that much. do you know how many souls you’ve touched? you’ve been a great source of courage for many people and you’ve always been a source of laugh for us all as well. you and your mudah terhibur moments smh


i hate how you make me feel like a tiny frail emotional wreck. you are really brave and strong. i admire your audacity to let go of optometry and start studying what you love the most; psychology. not everyone has the courage to do that, not even me. hence, kudos to you.


i hate your carefree and idgaf attitude too. girl, you need to lend me some of those because you know how easily affected i am about heaps of things, even petty ones. look there, such courage to wear those colors that i’ll never feel confident enough to wear.


i hate how you’re always eating so much without gaining any weight!!! give me that superpower please. i want to eat lotsa food but stay thin too :(


i hate how you’re almost like the absolute contrasting version of myself. it’s weird that after about 8 years only did we both realize how different we are from each other. we were like a siamese twin back in high school, hence i guess that was why we didn’t notice our differences. but being a thousand miles away now, our differences emerged and i’m glad we both agreed that it’s what makes us splendidly close. opposites attract.


lastly, i hate that you love winner more than ikon. you unloyal bitch.

i hate all these things about you, but truthfully, these are all the things that make you extremely special to me. you’re such an inspiration to me, and i wish you all the best in life. i hope you find a nice guy who loves you more than you love him. i hope you get to do all the things you wanted in this life. i hope you keep building pieces of yourself, and i hope you find back the ones you’ve lost along the way. i will always stay with you and be a part of your journey, as long as you let me to.

happiest 21st birthday to you, syafiqah nadiah mohd azlan.
i love you until the day after forever. 

ps: now that i have fallen terribly sick after playing with the horses in the rain + my goddamn frickin period pain, i finally have the time (forced) to properly lay down and write this post for you. if not, you may just wish i'd get this cheesy.


  1. I hate that you love winner more than ikon you unloyal bitch hahahahahahah this is so funny!! Get well soon, Izzy! And happy birthday to your friend :)

    1. i really meant that :p thank you so much!! you take care too!

  2. oh my god don't make me cry on my birthday! Thank you Izz despite everything you said up there, you are one of the people I admire most in my life so let's grow and be better versions of ourselves together. You're stuck with me, you ain't got no choice hahaha. "I love you" is an understatement, so I hate you too bitch. Get well soon and pls eat. Can't wait to meet you!