Tuesday, 26 April 2016

late night talks #2

it's 3.23am here and i'm still up. i submitted the final paper for my developmental psychology class just now, but heck i still have three more papers that i need to write. yes, i can certainly sense that the end of the semester is approaching. next week is finals week, and i'm glad i only have 3 finals albeit taking 7 subjects this semester. thank god.

i don't really have anything momentous to talk about today. i recalled a good friend of mine influentially said to me that i should articulate my thoughts on here more often and i think why yes i should really do that. it has truly been my goal ever since i made a blog. thus, i’m done with my work for the day and i feel like babbling something here. i asked diyana what i should write about but she's no help. i hate diyana. 

joke, i love her.

my first class ended really well, and my professor read off my question in front of the class so i was somewhat gratified. hehe. then, i was off to my second class. as per usual, i'm incessantly unfocused in this class. i put the blame on my laptop. this class finished pretty quickly, but before we walked out of class, maisarah shouted "goodbye professor" out loud. i got this strange blissful feeling seeing how my professor smiled sheepishly when he heard that, lol. then, i went to my last class a bit earlier today and i was awfully touched when my professor remembered my name (it’s a class with hundreds of students!). well, actually he came to me when we were waiting in front of the class and asked me whether he's pronouncing my name accurately. so cute. then, we played the jeopardy game in class and i helped my group to win. it was hilarious. go team broccoli!!

anyways, today i heard a news about a person whom once played an immense role in my life. the impacts that this person has brought into my existence were colossal. it wasn't a good news, and i was not entitled to feel bad or sympathize for that person, but i did. it seeped through me. nonetheless, there's nothing that i could do, so i hope everything goes well for that person.

also, i went to take a warm bath before going out this evening and when i checked my phone after that, i was bombarded with heaps of notifications from my friends calling me and messaging me. again, what the heck? i thought being single means being succumbed into inevitable lonely epochs and whatnots. but i swear, girlfriends are the best. they are legit my sweethearts. i looked through my messages and all i see is girls' names. my mom should really be worried that i'll never get married, lol. i'm not joking this time. 

so that's what's been going on for today, basically. i'm having an odd feeling of glee nowadays and i've been experiencing excessive laughing-out-loud outbreaks as well. it’s a peculiar feeling to me as it’s been a long time. hence, i just wanted to scribble it down here that i’m truthfully grateful for everything.


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