Friday, 8 April 2016

i need a damn watch

i was the least prepared for today's exam, for real though. i didn't study and i was procrastinating since last week. all i did was editing the vlogs and changing my header and giving syafiqah nadiah's her birthday present (her blog's header HAHAHAH) i'm the best kind of friend! who even give their friends a birthday present one month earlier?

so jokes aside, i went to take the exam today feeling anxious because i wasn't ready. the test started and i was answering all the short essay questions, which i didn't know i had so much to write about -_- i didn't have a watch so i just assumed that i still had a lot of time!! but then people started to return the exam paper to my professor and i was like what the heck? didn't we just start?!!! then my professor told me it was only 10 minutes left and i still had two long essay questions unanswered i was so stunned. just, really imagine how fast i wrote the rest of my essays and how my handwriting looked like. god, i don't even want to think about it.

conclusion, i need a damn watch yall. for real! time to browse through fossil website!

but well i'm super broke so i can just dream yall.

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