Tuesday, 1 December 2015

a short excerpt from my short story

I remembered how much it hurt, but the breeze blowing all over felt so soft, almost gentle. It made me felt almost fine, almost. Still, feeling that it was time, I closed my eyes slowly… WAIT! My body jolted at the loud thought in my thick skull— this is the last time, I said to myself. I opened my eyes slowly; the rush of lights and colors hurt my head. Blinking my eyes a few times, I was finally able to see properly. I looked up and saw strikes of colors— blue and white. A kind blue, I thought. The sky is beautiful, I took a note about the sky in my head, for whatever reason. I looked ahead and saw across the horizon, the sun was ready to switch places with the moon. Within seconds, streaks of pinkish and yellowish colors filled the sky to accompany the sun. Again, I took another note in my head— never forget what sunset looks like, and the colors. I looked again on each side; the tall buildings, the roads, the cars— I breathed it all in. It’s time.

This is almost bizarre because I am very insecure to share about my writings here; very public. But the purpose of this blog is for me to write, duh? So there you go. If you feel like my stories deserve to be published, please make prayers for me and all the other writers who tried our lucks for the anthologies. Thank you!

God bless, x

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