Monday, 31 August 2015


Remember my last post about how I am in a dire search of my lost-but-not-forgotten passion?

Yep, I think I have found little pieces of it, here and there. And shockingly, somehow, I convinced myself to try out my luck by submitting two of my short-stories for 3 Anthologies of Southeast Asian Urban Writing that will be published by Fixi Novo of Buku Fixi. Like omg what? Since when do I write short stories? Hahaha. I admit that I love writing essays back in my high school days. But then again, they were all stories about vampires and stuff (whoops). Well, the fantasies of a teenage girl.

But this time, my stories aren't about that. I don't think they're the best. There were about 100 submissions for each anthology and only less than 20 will be selected for each. I don't think I can compete with the other great writers out there. The first story of mine is so full of emotions, and I feel deeply for that one, though I think it may be boring for some. The second story is rather weird considering it is written by me. I mean, since when do I write gory, horrifying story? Haha. Gotta say I'm proud with that one too. Might be cliché. But, he said that it's good. So, I just went ahead and submitted that story, as well.

Nonetheless, I just wanted to put this memory in my blog. I said I have lost my passion in my previous post, and about two months after that, here I am, already connecting some pieces of it. And to thank him, who supported and encouraged me endlessly, and proofread my writings.

Submitted and received! Alhamdulillah.

I am not putting any hope for my stories to get published. I just feel proud of myself for having the courage to try and to start writing again. Pat on the back, Izz. 

But then, if one of them (or both) does (do) get published. I'd be the happiest girl. Ameen. 

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