Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reading out loud

Syafiqah Nadiah is my best friend-- my oldest best friend.

What's our similarities, you'll think? I'd say, it's that we both love reading books a hell lot, like so much. But, I have never read stories out loud.

So, I was Facetime-ing with her just now and we talked a lot, watched a movie, and talked about her ultimate crush. Yea she haven't moved on; she couldn't. Haha. I wondered why, though. Then, we both opened up her crush's blog, and I could see why she's having a hard time moving on from this guy. Hehe. Nonetheless, he is a great writer. I read his blog posts out loud for Nad to listen, and surprisingly, I liked how I was feeling. It was the first time that I ever read sort-of-short-stories out loud to someone. Reading those words out loud made me feel really good-- filled with emotions. It made me feel alive. Thing is, I probably have found just another thing that I enjoy doing in this world-- read stories to someone.

To my future husband and children, I think you guys will hear me reading bedtime stories out loud every night! No exception. Hehe.

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