Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to add social media icons in your blog (EASY!)


I just thought of sharing how I add these social media icons in my blog (look at the sidebar!) because I found the easy way. Well, at least for me. :p

Kay, so I've tried to add these icons a few times already but usually something would always go wrong, especially when it involves HTML codes. Yeap, not a pro. I kept googling for some other easier ways and fortunately I did find one! Yayyyyyyyyyy

These social media icons work like this; you can add the icons in your blog, and provide the link for every of your social media page (eg: Twitter, Facebook, etc) for each specific icon. After that, when anyone clicks on the specific icon, it will lead them directly to your specific social media page. How helpful!

But, how do we add the social media icons in our blogs without having to mess things up each time?!

Let me tell you how (thanks to the tutorials I found :))

Step 1:

You need to download your preferred social media icons that suit your blog's theme. For instance, I downloaded the icons in "cayenne color" because it suits the color of the sunset in my blog header. Make sense?

Then, the file would usually be a zip file. So, unzip the file, and copy the icons that you would like to use and paste them in your Desktop. You would have to choose the size that you prefer. The ones that I'm using in my blog are the size of 48 px.

You can download the cute and colorful social media icons HERE (click the link!)

If you want more options for free social media icons, click HERE.

Step 2:

You can find the detailed steps on how to add the social media icons in your blog HERE (very easy!).


All done! Hope you'll find it easy, too. I got to do all of those in so such a short time, aside of the time I spent to choose the color of the social media icons that I like. :P

Good luck!

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