Sunday, 11 January 2015

Reasons I started blogging again

Okay guys, I am a lame ass for have been on and off Blogger for gazillion times... Sigh.
Sigh again for my own self having to think of a name for this blog that hasn't been taken by anyone yet. To be honest, I want to make it as izzyusuf(dot)blogspot(dot)com but someone has used it! Dammit and when I checked the blog again, the owner doesn't even post anything. I am so sad and pissed. Lol forgive my hormonal imbalance.

What have I been babbling up there... Back to the topic, I have the thought of being a blogger for years already but I never truly lived that dream of mine. I was a quitter. I was afraid of what people would think of me if I kept on blogging and wrote about my life. I was afraid that my words wouldn't get the approval from people. I was afraid of people's judgments on me. I was so full of fears that I ended up deleting my blog and kept making a new one. But, the same pathetic thing happened all over again, each time. 

However, a few days back, I saw Mr. Azam who was an English teacher at my former high school posted something on Facebook about being a quitter and it somehow stroked me. I reflected the words on myself and realized, wow I am such a quitter. I probably should have received an award for quitting so many things in life. Being on and off Blogger for so many times is one of the examples of what a quitter I was. Sigh... 

Now I am ready to avenge myself, lol. I didn't even know why, but last night I couldn't sleep and suddenly I took my laptop and started a new blog! Also, I didn't sleep at all throughout the night because I was extremely hyped up to edit my blog so that it doesn't look a lot like, um, a Blogger blog. LOL. I am no genius about at all about  the coding thingy and stuff, hence I am quite proud of what I have customized on my blog. A million thank yous for the tutorials I found on Google. It's easy but it can turn out to be quite tricky especially if the editing involves HTML codes. Omg I already sound like I am an IT genius. Haha. Okay, so really, it was quite easy. If any of you guys want to know how I touched up my blog, just comment below. I might probably make a new post on how to edit a Blogger blog as well. I dunno, let's just hope I will. Hehe. Point is, I just want to make my blog looks tidy, neat and as simple as possible. I like it that way.

I think that is all for tonight. I have to force myself to sleep early as my Spring semester starts tomorrow!!! Ugh, and I have to work in the morning. Thank God I have a little love for my job. Haha. Please pray I can wake up early in the morning or I'll screw up this semester real bad. Looking forward to my next post (why am i excited for my own post lol) okay till next time!

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  1. Kak izz, try new something for ur new blog with the apa eh? Ha ahh rahsia kejayaan akk. Bolehh?